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About Ag Resource Strategies, LLC

Ag Resource Strategies, LLC develops and manages Environmental Quality Assessment and Assurance programs for agricultural organizations, government agencies and industries in the bio-economy. AgRS is prepared for the ever changing field of agriculture and environmental issues that requires a thorough understanding of which "sustainability" values are sought and which "sustainability" values can be practically delivered by farmers and land managers.

AgRS developed the AGEQA™ Platform to integrate natural resource and production resource objectives of livestock and crop farmers, therefore, lowering the cost to the farmers and providing an environmental portfolio that has the capacity to be applied toward "sustainability" objectives and values as these markets continually emerge.

AgRS meets these objectives through a comprehensive effort that includes development of assessment and assurance templates, host training for assessment and assurance competency, data management, audit services and annual or periodical review of the assurance endorsements.

AgRS is on the leading edge in the effort to turn agriculture's traditional environmental liabilities into ecological assets that return value back to the farm.

Mission and Vision

The mission is to assist the agricultural community in leading the effort to unify agricultural, economical and ecological solutions.

In America, we depend on farmers for food, fiber, feed and fuelstocks. We also depend on farmers to manage their land in such a way that America's production resources and natural resources are kept functioning for future generations.

Ag Resource Strategies, LLC envisions an effort where agriculture, agribusiness and agri-industry can meet these demands in a proactive and progressive manner.

Ag Resource Strategies, LLC is working with agricultural stakeholders to bring the knowledge, skills and abilities to agricultural professionals to effectively occupy the available niches related to production resources and natural resource assessment and management.

Tim Gieseke, Founder and President